Posted on: December 20, 2020

December 2020

Season's Greetings to you,

And thank you for checking out this website.

I plan to be more active with it myself.  And, so I begin....

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

in the movie theaters, I used to see a commercial for a certain car making company using those words in their soundtrack.  Today Zoom has a very different meaning, and I now know how to use this technology.  Next Sunday, December 27 at 9:30 am I will give this a test run.  For 40 minutes we can connect with each other.  We will start by greeting each other.  I will then offer some input for the Gospel that day.  Then, we can share our insights.  After that, we can remember people in prayer and then close with birthday/anniversary and final blessings.  If you are interested please let me know your email address so that I can invite you next Sunday.

A Blessed Advent for you, I pray.


Father Garry

Posted on: November 9, 2020

November 2020

Greetings everyone!

I am trying something new.  This is a test run.

At our Sacred Heart Parish Council today, we talked about getting the church ready for Christmas and about the times we would have Mass.  Christmas is on Friday this year, and we will most likely continue to be limited in terms of the number of people allowed to attend each Mass.  Usually we have a 7 pm Mass Christmas Eve at Sacred Heart.  Then on Christmas Day, Mass will be at 9:30 at Sacred Heart and 11:30 at St. Paul's.  If you wish to attend one of these Masses, please let me know as soon as you can.

With gratitude and prayer,

Father Garry

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